The Glitch Shop - Exit Through the Glitch Shop

Based out of the South-Western UK, The Glitch Shop is a collective, record label, and production company that strives to expose, promote, and propagate artists within the global glitch-hop community. Since 2013, they have been releasing an ongoing compilation series entitled Glitch Shop 'Till You Drop, boasting an artist roster that includes HurtdeerFrequentPoztman, and even the enigmatic Qebrus. Settling into 2018, The Glitch Shop has provided once again an incredibly diverse and aurally palpable compilation entitled Exit Through The Glitch Shop. The release includes 18 brand new, individually crafted tracks from as many producers, with each tune espousing on the tropes and staples of each artist, while also maintaining the asymmetrical glitch soundscape that has always defined The Glitch Shop. 

Katch begins the journey through the compilation with a sub-heavy neck-breaker, "Unclouded". The track features complex neuro-synthesis propped up by lightly dusted percussion that keeps the center of the mix saturated with just enough movement. Massive side-chaining is present throughout, allowing the drums to smack properly while the low-end simultaneously bursts to the surface of the mix.

Detrivore takes a 4-on-the-floor approach with the track "Nostalgia", combining nightclub rhythms and tactile sound design. Haunting synthesis slathered in reverb bounces back and forth over a steady shuffle, and fades away just long enough every now and again to allow a smooth transition into a half-time breakdown. These elements morph the track into a much darker presentation by its end.

Epsilonite absolutely crushes with their aptly named contribution, "Funk Anvil". Intoxicating melodies creep into existence from the get-go, only to be drowned out by vicious bass growls and stabs modulated by low-frequency oscillators. The rhythmic arrangement of the track is particularly alluring, with drums falling away at seemingly random intervals, breaking up any semblance of monotony and breathing extra life into the term "broken beat".

Hurtdeer brings some always beloved drum & bass (d&b) to the table with Why Not Die, complete with vocal glitches leading the song from start to finish. The drum lines keep true to the tempo throughout, but feature a number of wild crashes and fills that top up the atmosphere with the classic hi-hat smacks and shuffles that characterize archetypal d&b music.

After piecing yourself back together from a thorough listening session with this compilation, remain vigilant in watching the actions of The Glitch Shop. There is bound to be even more juicy releases throughout 2018 from our friends across the pond. 


  1. Katch - Unclouded
  2. Detrivore - Nostalgia
  3. Avum - Error 404
  4. Epsilonite - Funk Anvil
  5. Poztman - Enouement
  6. Arkistrate - Trapped In Space
  7. Ix - KoDaM
  8. Fluxtape - The Piano Downstairs
  9. FUTURIST - Full Metal
  10. Synergy Sound - Flow of Time
  11. Rusty Mustard - Discovery
  12. Audiogutter - Temples
  13. Hurtdeer - Why Not Die
  14. T-Mech - Obey
  15. Envelope - Calyx of Held
  16. Purfakt - Clock
  17. Azuruk - Power Waning
  18. Beanboy - Not home

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