Alon Mor - Long Awaited Journey

Warping into existence at the end of last week, aural virtuoso Alon Mor released his highly anticipated sophomore album, Long Awaited Journey. It is without equal or comparison in the spectrum of human musical endeavors, combining distinct motifs from classical compositions, jazz arrangements, sonic atmospheres, and wonderfully deranged synthesis. His haunting and imaginative soundscapes paint themselves within the listener's mind as distinctly vibrant, emotional, and conscientious adventures, representing a sensory syntax espoused by humans since man first realized his connection the auditory world.

Each song on the album is intertwined in a multitude of genres, manifesting musical colorations far beyond the scope of the proto-typical electronic music producer; To simply call Alon Mor a "producer", or even just the blanket term "musician", is to do him an unforgivable disservice. Each title that can be used to describe a man of his talents and creative output seems to fall far short of the mark. Thankfully, Alon himself vocalizes his preferred title best: "My music is me."

To dive into the album is to dissociate from your immediate auditory and conscious surroundings: it is a straight drop from reality into one of the deeper musical rabbit holes in existence. It transports you from the steep, blood-red plateaus of the desert to the melancholy view of a rainy day through dusty windows. Every step along the way is wrought with melodious twists and turns that gather inertia, slingshotting off of every din and chime, culminating in explosive, orchestral releases that quickly drown amongst a vicious torrent of sound design that seems like the call-to-arms of some far-off space-aged civilization. You become the audience, the orchestra, the conductor, the tension, and the release. 

The music of Alon Mor is a riddle, wrapped up in a mystery, shrouded in an enigma; it is not meant for those who find comfort in the mundane, but instead for the brave explorers and pioneers of emotion, sensuality, and cognition. An audiophile's paradise, Long Awaited Journey is but the next step in a life-long endeavor to manifest every tangent of musicality and coalesce all of it into an interlocking matrix of exploratory sonic deliverance. 

"As a little boy, I used to spin round and round and make noises. Everybody called it 'explosions'. But 'they' didn’t understand me. My grandmother once said, 'He never stopped making explosions; he started making music.'" - Alon Mor

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