Sylph - Alien Speak

Bursting onto the scene with an appetite for the psychedelic, Alien Speak is the stellar first release from Sylph, the musical alias of Emily Thaler. Based out of New York City, she has spent the last several years quietly expanding upon her production, composition, and engineering knowledge. The producer’s patience has paid off with a musical bounty worth it's weight in sub bass.

Drawing from the font of psybient influence, each of the four tracks is a boisterous dance of pulsating frequencies. Glitchy harmonies and high-processed synthesis turn each moment into a downtempo tango between the visceral and the effervescent. With an obvious inclination towards arrangement and general musicality, the EP is a testament to an intrepid work ethic. For fans of pronounced sound design and glitched-out serenades, Alien Speak should feel right at home in your catalog.