pheel. - Lost In Thought

pheel. Is the musical identity of Phil Gallo from Denver, Colorado whose mystical four-track trip-hop EP Lost In Thought dropped on May 8th, 2018. The title is no misnomer. These four tracks offer a deep, pensive listening experience. The EP is composed with frequent collaborator Parkbreezy, with Thought Process and Xenolinguist also making contributions to one track apiece. 

Lost in Thought is imaginative trip-hop infused with glitch subtleties. Its rhythms are rooted in hip-hop and downtempo. They’re paired with gentle, dissonant melodies and filled in with a serving of synthesized psychedelia that’s generous but not overwhelming. Ambient tropes and vaguely nostalgic flourishes provide a final garnish. The arrangements are spacious. Each sound has more than enough room to breathe, be it a lush pad, a curling synthesizer or a sprinkle of crisp percussion. 

This release finds grace in humility. pheel. makes no attempt to flash talent or grab at the listener. Lost in Thought is an offering, a prism through which one’s mind can interpret anew if only briefly. Enjoy for easy listening, and you will be at ease. Engage more deeply, and you may be rewarded with insight.