Gaddy - Foodtruck Fugitive

The Houston-born beats archivist Gaddy returns to The Rust Music with another sidewalk-stomping project, the five-track Foodtruck Fugitive. Approaching electronic music via the back-door of hip-hop, Gaddy possesses one of the most refreshing sounds in alternative electronic music, a beautiful blend of urban Americana and semi-psychedelic bass that sounds both rough and refined on this release.

With Foodtruck Fugitive Gaddy builds out his beats into fully-fledged compositions that have smooth edges, dark corners, and wide horizons. One minute you’re cooling and rocking a sensual head-nod with some lurky sampled strings. The next minute your mind is gyrating hither and thither, tumbling inside a crashing wave of cerebral bass. After honing in on the essence of his groove, Gaddy takes risks and has fun with it. This calculated yet care-free approach creates music with wide appeal, perfect for pounding the pavement or for spacing out.

Here is something new for hip-hop heads, and something fresh for electronic fans. And if you listen close enough, you can almost hear the sense of humor of the foodtruck fugitive himself, slinging jokes, tacos, and fat bass beats from behind the fryers.