Based out of Philadelphia, PA, the eclectic producer 5AM (Sam Andrus) specializes in a style of bass music that opens portals between the mystical jazz fusion and soul of the past and the digital psychedelic pulse of the future.

He excels in crystal clear sound design, deep bass, and blissed-out melodies, living for those moments of transcendence when two musical ideas merge into something brand new. Those moments reach audiences through live sets using a custom Ableton DJ setup and live keys, taking the dance-floor on a one of a kind journey at every show.

5AM has stayed true to his nature as an explorer, and is now a seasoned performer who’s shared the stage with Shpongle, Jade Cicada, kLL sMTH, Detox Unit, Bogtrotter, and more, and lived and built strong roots up and down the east and west coasts of the US.

Management: Francesco Ferran / Wyler Sanca |

Bookings: Katie Clark |


The Rust Music Label