Hailing from Brighton, UK, Primate has been steadily exploring a relationship between jazz, soul, and electronic music since 2010. A drummer by trade for the last 13 years, his understanding of rhythmic theory and ability to hone in on organic percussive timbres is the bedrock of his exploratory sonic endeavors.

His music is a careful blend of melodious interplay and instrumental dialogue. Finding influence from the compositions of traditional drum-and-bass, coupled with a keen ear for tone and harmony, each track is meticulously arranged, mixed, and mastered to field maximum fidelity and musicality.

Primate’s exploits stretch far beyond just music production, having co-founded the Smallprint Recordings label in 2015. Hosting nine musicians, with several compilations and albums released and distributed worldwide, his own efforts have seen several other producers find a home base from which they can pursue and release their own projects, cementing Primate as both a content creator and curator of electronic music within the western hemisphere.

Management & Bookings: mgmt@therustmusic.net

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