Neurons Vol. 1 | Keota - Wook Flu

                                                                                                           Artist: Resonant Language

                                                                                                         Artist: Resonant Language

By playing big billings and releasing a consistent stream of singles, KEOTA has remained steady on our radar throughout 2017, and he's elevating again today with "Wook Flu", the ninth track off Neurons Vol. 1, the superb compilation from Elemental Minded Promotions' (EMP). 

KEOTA a.k.a. Tom Brennan is the most recent addition to the EMP family. Though he's never had more than a "wook cold" himself, his effort on Neurons Vol. 1 is undoubtedly sick. KEOTA usually cuts and samples vocals to dramatic and often humorous effect. The choppy vocals in "Wook Flu" serve as another sonic element, instruments in themselves that bounce off a heavily broken beat, dizzying the listener. The synthesizer play is ill. Moist and fine cut synths are nothing new for KEOTA, who has been seriously producing for four years. The synthesis on "Wook Flu", however, is particularly filthy. Tom tell us it's the first tune he's released employing a new FM8 synthesizer. 

Northeastern heads will not want to miss KEOTA performing this Thursday, November 30th at the Middle East Downstairs in Boston with a stacked lineup featuring Jade Cicada, Kll Smth, Smigonaut, and Secret Recipe presented by Rezinate. Speaking of Rezinate, the Boston-based production company released a deep mix from KEOTA just yesterday, which you can listen to here.

The entirety of Neurons Vol. 1 is almost out, but stay chooned. We'll highlight one more choice cut from the compilation this Wednesday (full track list below).

1. Pluto Era - Nautilus
2. tsimba & Smigonaut - Headspace
3. Maxfield - Little Death In The Morning Sun
4. Scatz - Illgamesh
5. iX - Desert Form
6. Jizzy Fra - Sensi Star Dub
7. Face Plant - French Press
8. Phydra - Particle Board
9. Keota - Wook Flu
10. DeeZ - Juice ft. Frequency Fodder
11. Zoo Logic - Void

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